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Getting started

Before I start psychotherapy with you, I’ll spend a little time assessing your needs over the phone to check that I'm the best person to work with you. 

At our initial session we'll get a clearer understanding of what you want to address, your goals for therapy and the path we’ll need to follow to achieve that. It’s also a good way to see if we can work together. Every relationship needs the right ‘chemistry’ and this gives us both the chance to check that we have it, that I feel confident I can help you, and you feel my style is a good fit for you.


At the end of the assessment, if you wish to go ahead, we will book in future sessions. Typically these are weekly.

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What is therapy like?

The feeling will be that we’re on this journey together. I’ll bring the best of myself and my training. You’ll bring your honesty, courage, willingness to reflect and knowledge about you. Both of us will be learning about what’s happening for you, the ways in which you may be stuck or self-sabotaging and the ways to bring fulfilment to your life.


In a session, I’ll ask questions that make you think, share new perspectives and tools, help you make connections and recognise your strengths. Through all of this I will be looking for transformation in you – however small – that can be deepened, so that change is rapid and long-lasting.

While I work creatively and respectfully to find a way that matches your needs, I typically:

  • work relationally – I want to know how it is to be doing this work together, you and me.

  • work somatically – I’ll be helping you tune into your physical sensations. Sometimes this may be a case of noticing what happens moment-by-moment, sometimes it may lead to inviting movements that finish an incomplete pattern. Either way it facilitates a new healing experience.

  • work with emotion – I’ll help you stay with each emotion as it arises because when each emotional ‘wave’ is processed to completion in the moment, it enables you to access inner truths, resources and resilience.


It’s difficult to say how many sessions will be needed. I’m committed to working with you for as long as is required, but my aim is to get you as rapidly as possible to a point where you’re happy to leave. 

Future sessions

What to expect

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