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Working with you

My goal is to bring transformation and restore your sense of well-being. I'll help you understand what’s hindering you and how to create the life you want to live.


My approach is holistic – I’ll help you explore your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and felt sensations. I’ll be looking for what you do well and helping you build on your strengths so it’s easier to tackle the harder parts. I have a particular interest in helping you understand what your body is telling you, especially where cognitive approaches and thinking alone are not working.

I typically work with individuals over 18 who come with a variety of life issues. This includes anxiety, grief, depression and personal relationships through to integrating recent traumatic incidents or early life experiences.

I also work with individuals seeking a deeper understanding of themselves in order to achieve their career ambitions.


Photo courtesy of Neil Sharma


How can therapy help you?

Therapy helps you develop the inner resources and skills that create a greater sense of freedom and possibility in your day-to-day life. We can’t change the past, but recognising and understanding how we’re experiencing it in the present can help us to integrate painful emotions and events so they no longer have power over us. From this point we can find new and creative ways of responding to the world and people around us.


Talking about ourselves may seem self-indulgent. However, slowing down to reflect on our thoughts and beliefs about the world and ourselves, our emotions, and what our bodies are telling us can generate the new perspectives that are essential for personal transformation, as well as deactivating neuropathways of past emotional hurts.

Often facing what troubles us can seem overwhelming, so having a skilled and compassionate person alongside us gives us the courage to continue and provides an environment where we can accept ourselves. When we feel truly heard and met, we begin to trust our own experiences more fully, get clarity on the situation and become aware of what we need in order to improve our lives.

If not now, when?



Counselling and psychotherapy

Working together to resolve issues such as anxiety, grief, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and trauma, or finding a way forward when life feels stuck.



Working together to unlock your career potential by understanding your motivations and over-coming self-defeating behaviours to help you achieve your goals.

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